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      Click here for the personal information protection policy (privacy policy) regarding this site.


      We want to run this forum in the style of an internet community, such as the rumored Q&A sites, bulletin board sites, YouTube/SNS comment sections, and so on.
      In the unlikely event that it explodes into fame and topsy-turvy, I will add it as I am not a volunteer.

      Simply put

      • Use of advertising and analysis tools.
      • The Terms of Use may change without notice to the user.
      • If a ヒコウシキ(Unofficial) says “no,” then no❌
      • If something goes wrong, delete or ban.
      • Do not sell personal information such as e-mail addresses to other people / organizations.
      • Please be careful with anything that might be copyrighted. I am not responsible for it, and it is usually the fault of the user who uploads and uses it without permission.

      The copyright needs to be reported by the author, and the responsibility lies with the person who uploaded it.

      Prohibited acts

      Restrictions on Content and Links

      Please refrain from transmitting or distributing content that falls under the following categories, or posting hyperlinks to content that falls under these categories.

      • Content that is intended to slander or discriminate against others
      • Transmission of so-called unsolicited e-mails, spam e-mails, etc., such as advertisements sent in large quantities in a short period of time without consent or indiscriminately, or content that encourages the transmission of such e-mails (including the act of including the URL of the server provided by the Company in e-mails sent from a server other than the Company’s server)
      • Content related to online casinos and other forms of gambling, gaming, and lotteries (excluding public horse races, boat races, and lotteries)
      • Brutal content such as violent acts, self-injurious acts, animal cruelty, injured people, and images of dead bodies
      • Content aimed at the sale or unauthorized acquisition of personal information, rights to use Twitter or other Internet service accounts, etc.
      • Content designed to illegally collect passwords or personal information by posing as another person’s website or email.
      • Content related to adult and sexual entertainment
      • Content related to dating sites, Internet opposite-sex introduction business, etc.
      • Content intended for the publication or distribution of obscene images or videos
      • Sites related to two-shot chat, private chat, and live chat
      • Affiliate sites through fraudulent means
      • Advertise, sell, or post links to websites selling controlled substances or so-called “dangerous drugs” (i.e., drugs that have the same effects as controlled substances but are claimed not to be controlled substances).
      • Content that places a high load on the server, such as the provision of uploaders for the purpose of distributing data stored by uploading to an unspecified number of people.
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