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      Error Troubleshooting Wiki(Hereinafter referred to as “this forum”.)is a place for exchanging information such as errors, troubles, and defects.
      You can browse and post on this forum without registration or login.


      Recommended environment, known problems, etc.

      This forum is verified on Google Chrome on both PCs and smartphones, so that is the recommended browser.
      If you use another browser, you may experience display or functional problems.

      Forums and topics

      The “Forum” is an item that the software mainly places on the top page of the error unofficial Wiki, and can only be set by the administrator.
      A “topic” is an item (so-called thread) that anyone can freely set in each forum.

      Requests when setting up a topic (thread)

      When creating a topic, be sure to search for something similar in the past.
      If you haven’t found a topic in the past and are asking duplicate questions, please let us know if you know.

      Topic content

      Set up topics related to errors, troubles, and flaws in this forum.
      If you have a difficult error or the content provided is thin, you may not always be able to handle it.
      Include the following in your form: (use a template)


      • Premise / What you want to achieve
        Example: ■■ The following error message occurred while implementing the function. (In detail)
      • Problem / Error Message
        Example: 「There has been a critical error on your website」(Attach image)
      • What I tried
        Example: Clear browser cache.
      • Supplementary information(Terminal・OS/App version etc.)
        OS: Windows 11 64bit
        App: Google Chrome

      We will expand it from time to time according to the related threads.

      • PC > Smartphone
      • Software, applications, web services, platforms
      • Programming
      • Extensions (plugins, add-ons)
      • Fields: Graphic design, CG, video, music, games, WEB, etc …


      Currently, it is not possible to preview in the form, but HTML and BBCode can be used by enclosing the text in tags.
      You can use the same TinyMCE editor (visual editor) as the WordPress edit screen.

      How to paste images and videos

      The maximum image upload size is 512KB. The extensions are jpg, jpeg, png and gif. You can send 4 sheets.
      Please upload the video to an external service such as Twitter or YouTube and paste the URL.
      If you allow uploading directly to this forum, the server capacity will be compressed and the operation may be slowed down.
      For example, if you paste the URL of Twitter, it will be embedded as follows.



      From here, we will mainly introduce the functions that can be used by registering as a user.

      Difference between anonymous and user

      There is no problem if it is ROM-only, but if you want to post a question, we recommend user registration.


      • Editable within 10 minutes after posting
      • Unable to view user profile


      • Topic edit, reply, move, trash
      • Profile settings (name, display name, avatar image, website, engagement, favorites, status)
      • View user profile
      • Question answer rate UP

      Favorite, reply

      “Favorites” is a menu that appears in the upper right corner of forums and topics, and you can view it in your profile by registering.
      “Reply” appears in the upper right corner of the statement on the topic. You can reply to a specific topic by clicking Reply, and it will be displayed hierarchically as shown in the image below.



      Profile settings

      After logging in, click your user name (“ヒコウシキ(unofficial)” in the image below) to open the profile screen.
      Profile URL: https://support.koshishirai.com/app/users/User Name

      The following items can be set in the profile.
      Items registered in forums and topics are also displayed here.
      You can also reissue your password.

      • Name
      • Display name (initially the user name, but you can change it from the pull-down by setting the name)
      • Website
      • Profile
      • Avatar (profile image)

      The items displayed in face-up are as follows.

      • Avatar image
        Profile (registration date, website, number of topics started, number of replies, etc.)

      How to unsubscribe from the forum

      You can unsubscribe from the forum by clicking the “Unsubscribe” menu on the profile edit screen.
      Please note that if you unregister, your information will be deleted and you will not be able to return to the original user.
      When a topic is posted, its content remains with anonymous users.

      Precautions / Prohibited acts

      This forum aims to be a knowledge-based Q & A community site.
      If you know the mood of the net community, you can skip it. (Please read if you are interested.)


      Thank you for hanging out with such a lengthy tutorial!🙏
      Let’s get rid of the error together!👊

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